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Well, Hello There!

Come all ye in pain and suffering. We are Cate and Joey, your medical and neuromuscular massage therapists. We're excited that you're here! For us, as medical massage therapists one of the biggest goals we hope to achieve in our business is not only providing long-term pain relief for our clients, but to offer accurate, interesting and useful information regarding medical massage therapy, pain, and natural pain relief solutions in this blog.

Surprisingly, massage therapy is actually quite under-researched and not a lot is known about how exactly massage works, but we know that it does and there is a ton of subjective client feedback that suggests that it does provide pain relief and can solve many musculoskeletal dysfunctions. There are several clinical theories that do offer very plausible explanations as to how massage relieves pain and, in this blog, we will do our very best to provide information that is as accurate as possible given what we currently know. Alongside blog topics that discuss different methods of relieving pain and soreness, we'll also be doing a fair share of myth debunking. We feel it is of ethical importance to our business, to the industry and to ourselves to keep our eyes and ears wide open for any information that lacks appropriate evidence.

With that said, we are big believers in the work we provide and over the course of our respective careers as medical massage therapists in Raleigh, NC we’ve had many, many successes treating a myriad of pain issues and conditions, ranging from:

· Neck and Jaw pain

· Lower Back Pain

· Athletic Injuries- Chronic and Acute

· Issues due to Motor Vehicle Accident

· Issues/Pain from post-op procedures

· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

· Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

· Headaches/Migraines

· Issues that have stopped you from doing the things you love

And so much more the list would get long and boring very quickly! We hope that you’ll choose us for your natural pain relief option, be sure to contact us today for your first medical massage appointment! Thanks for stopping by, and remember friends: be excellent to yourselves and others.

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