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Your body is unique and it deserves a customized approach using a variety of methods of treatment based on your individual needs. Our techniques are based on Neuromuscular, Medical and Sports Massage Therapies, which include: Range of Motion work, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical Cupping, Athletic Taping and more.

 We offer no add-on costs for extra services, allowing for a more inclusive and affordable way to receive Integrated Bodywork.


Integrated Bodywork involves using several different types of specific massage techniques and modalities. Your body changes, day to day, session to session. A combination of techniques and modalities gives us the opportunity to adapt to what your needs are in every session. This approach allows us to use all of the "tools" we have at our disposal to treat you as effectively as possible.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard


This works with the superficial layer of connective tissue to quickly bring more circulation, oxygen and lymphatic flow to an area(s) of the body. It also helps to soften overly contracted muscle and fascial tissue. Using a pump to create suction, it draws the skin up into the cup where it can either be moved across various muscle groups or it can be left stationary depending on what your body needs.

Medical set of glass jars and piston vac


This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It works by creating a "lift" in the skin which allows for better lymphatic fluid exchange to decrease inflammation and even edema. It is commonly used by athletes because of it's benefit of reducing inflammation in muscles, especially if there is injury present. Taping can also be very beneficial to pregnant women due the added support around the abdomen.

This kind of taping is called _Kinesiota

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