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Meet us. Partners in crime, the ultimate dynamic duo, best-good friends, and the owners of the small, but mighty, Integrative Pain Management Company: Peak Valley Bodywork. We are Cate and Joey and we’re so excited that you’ve landed on our website. We decided after many peaks and valleys *we’re proud of that pun* that two really is better than one, so we’ve joined forces and decided to take on the revolution of holistic pain management by storm. Both of us specialize in neuromuscular therapy, sports therapy, and other medical modalities, and both of us believe in an integrated approach to pain management. Together we strive to bring you excellent healthcare that is grounded in science and results-driven treatment plans so you can literally feel the difference that medical bodywork can make in your life.

Some of you may notice an increase in the presence of a certain doe-eyed, black-furred creature stomping around in the treatment room: meet Sam. Our incredible, informal therapy dog. Sam is here for your personal enjoyment, (or distraction), and of course, your comfort. There’s no better pick-me-up than a happy tail to greet you at the door upon your arrival. We are eager to get to work and can’t wait for you to experience what Peak Valley Bodywork has to offer! Contact us today to book your first appointment!

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