The Before:

Once you've booked an appointment we'll discuss your main issues and your goals. We will arrive at your house approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment time to set up and get started. If you are new client booking with us we do a brief initial consultation and range of motion exam which will asses your issues and symptoms better, this process is scheduled to include more time along with your session.

The Space:

A very typical space for us to set up in would be about the size of an average bedroom, living room or den space. We're quite adaptable to any room but please keep in that mind that massage tables have quite a bit of length so a space would need accommodate that. Also, you should pick a space in your home or work place that is comfortable for you and relatively quiet. 

The During

After you've settled on the table and we have reentered the space we'll begin our session keeping in mind the problem areas previously discussed. There is always open communication regarding pain and pressure. 

The After:

After your session, we'll exit the room to the restroom and when you're dressed you'll give us another shout when you're prepared for us to come back in. From there, we'll discuss booking your next appointment, care plan* or changes to your self care regimen. After which, we will pack up any equipment and put back any furniture or items that needed to be moved to accommodate the massage space.

*If it is your second session, we'll go over your specially designed care plan that outlines your goals, dictates frequency of care and offers self care homework and possibly other recommendations that are based on your first sessions consultation and exam. All of this will take place post-session.