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Chickens, Therapy and Philosophy

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I get asked how I knew I wanted to be a Therapist frequently. It's a great story. It starts with a fifteen year old who lived out in the country of Robeson County, North Carolina. I trained horses, raised chickens, cows and one wiley pig. That fifteen year old went on to receive her very first massage and had a life changing experience when the burning, radiating pain she felt in her neck for over a year, was gone. Thus, that fifteen year old sank her brain into everything she could learn about Massage Therapy. It sounds crazy, right? What fifteen year old knows what they want to do with the rest of their life? Moreover, what fifteen year old dreams of being a Massage Therapist? I did. I went on to become that Massage Therapist, just not a fifteen, obviously. First, I went on to work a few crummy jobs, end up with someone only to realize we were a less than favorable match and then eventually move to Raleigh at the ripe age of twenty where I attended one of the greatest programs and specialized in Medical and Sports Therapy. I had an entourage of instructors that pushed, polished, and refined me into more than a Therapist; the person I am today. Like I said, pretty cool story.

My favorite story to tell though, is my "Why". Why I do this. You could also call it my Philosophy on Healthcare. If you ask my husband why I do this, he'll tell you correctly "To revolutionize and redefine healthcare" But, why? Why does a Massage Therapist want to revolutionize an industry that has roots buried deep in our society and has ingrained a "one-size-fits-all" mentality regarding our bodies? The answer isn't a simple one. But to start with, I want to bring more awareness, education and a greater sense of self to my clients by introducing them to the natural way, the right way of healing. Without drugs and without shots. Many people don't realize this, but, Massage is quite instinctual. You stub your toe or bang your knee, what's the first thing you do? Hold it, work on it, move it around. That’s Massage Therapy. It's natural, minimally invasive, and has the ability to have dramatic, life changing effects. Kind of like the experience that fifteen year old had. I want to redefine healthcare because I believe that Massage Therapy isn't a luxury, it's a necessity to a better quality of life. I believe that people deserve more affordable, more effective options for treating their pain. I believe that Bodywork, especially when applied in a clinical, Holistic capacity has the ability to influence the medical field in a way that could open doors for more collaboration and instruction on better ways to get people well. Your body is your vessel, it is the only vehicle you have to get you through this thing called Life. It matters to me, personally, if that vehicle (sorry for the car pun) isn't running well. It matters to me if that vehicle is being treated properly and in accordance with what your body needs. That's my Why. Welcome to the Revolution of Healthcare and welcome to Peak Valley Bodywork.

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